2017 Blues Music Awards

2017 Blues Music Awards
April 28, 2017 2019Views

Moonshine Radio will be at the 2017 Blues music awards in Memphis, TN

Our friend John Houston, member of the Blues Foundation will be in Memphis and will send us all the latest news,reports and interviews from the bigest event of the Blues music.....


See you at the 2017 BMAs in Memphis Tennessee


About the BMAs - The Blues Music Awards is an annual event which is brought to you by the Blues Foundation. The Blues Foundation is the premier organization that preserves, promotes, and celebrates the blues worldwide.  If you are not a member let me tell you this is one cool organization.  If you are receiving this email then you are directly involved in the music industry and membership is where it's at. Take a closer look (link below)

Appointment reminder - I will be doing interviews and submitting the results to the trades, the mainstream press, and the music industry in general. If we have a time slot set up see you there.  If you haven't gotten back to me please do so soon. 

Grammy Members - You can RSVP the reception reservation committee Celebrating the BMAs by accessing the foundation site and using the link (below)

Learn more about The Blues Foundation Here
For the week's complete BMA schedule click here